Catch a Wake Surf Wave in Arizona

We don't drive to the beach to catch a wave, we create our own endless wave right here at any of the beautiful lakes in Arizona. The Super Air Nautique G23 can create a surf wake that extends as far as 25 feet behind the boat. And, as you can see, the wake will crest at about 3 to 4 feet at its peak.  This wake will allow even the heaviest riders to surf without the use of a rope. No longer will you need to pack up the car and drive for hours to a crowded beach and fight for a spot in the lineup.

Come join us and enjoy surfing without the sand, salt, and all the paddling. If you are already an experienced surfer, then Wake Surfing can help hone your skills when you don't have the time to travel to the beach. If you have never surfed before but have been dying to try, we can make your learning experience fun and free of intimidation.
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