Arizona Wake Surf Lessons and Instructions

Beginner Lessons

The rider will learn the starting position: Floating in the water, holding on to the rope, with heels on the wake surfboard (much like a wakeboard start without the bindings). When the rider is ready, the boat will slowly accelerate and pull the rider to a standing position.

The rider will learn the basics on proper style and technique when riding a Wake Surf style board: The goal is to get into the "pocket" and then stay in the "pocket" of the surf wake. Once the rider is comfortable with staying in the pocket she/he will then be able to surf without the assistance of the rope.

Intermediate Instruction

Riders who have the skill to surf without the use of the rope will learn some more advanced techniques in order to enhance their Wake Surfing experience.

This skill set will include tricks like slash & carve, snap turns, bottom turns, floaters, board slides, ollies & airs, and 360s. We will also introduce switch riding, transfers, and backside riding.

Advanced Instruction

When you are ready, we will introduce you to some more advanced, pro level maneuvers.  Tricks like the alley oop, frontside air 180, air 360, and air reverse 360.
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